Sirilic and Sirilot: Two very useful utilities for Siril


(Siril Image Converter) is a software for preparing acquisition files (raw, Offset, Flat and Dark) for processing with SiriL software.

It does three things:

Structuring the SiriL working directory into sub-folders
Convert Raw, Offset, Dark or Flat files into SiriL sequence
Automatically generate the SiriL script according to the files present and the options


The Sirilic version V0.36 provides an additional tool: Sirilot

It’s the contraction of “SiriL + Lot”. SiriLot is a siril extension that allows you to batch process multiple channel and sessions. Indeed, Sirilic is adapted to process only 1 layer but as soon as you wanted to process the 4 layers LRGB, you had to do 4 times the operation “Copy + script generation”. The author still wanted to keep Sirilic: so he created a second tool with a more batch-oriented graphical interface:


More information here: